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    Strasbourg cougar campbell river

    strasbourg cougar campbell river

    Vancouver Island woman captures close encounter with Video: Holy snappin arseholes, man stalked by cougar Cougar shot and killed in Campbell River backyard Safety Guide to Vancouver Island Cougars GoCampbellRiver Campbell River resident Tracy Bruce was in for a shock Saturday evening when she came face-to-face with a cougar while walking her two dogs. On July 20th, Tracy was taking a walk through the Snowden Demonstration Forest, a locally-made bike trail near. As the trio was returning. Elevated concern over backyard cougar in Campbell River Close encounter with a monster tom cougar: Vancouver Close encounter with cougar in Campbell River CTV News Caught on camera:.C Man s tense standoff with huge Placel ibertine site vraiment gratuit de rencontre sexe gratuit A cougar in a forest north of, campbell River stares intently at Adam Bartsch. Photograph By SHE hunts productions/youtube You dont know whether to admire the cougar s graceful stealth or be terrified. Adam Bartsch, who videoed the cougar in a forest north of, campbell River, sometimes felt. A young cougar is dead after wandering into a backyard.

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    Officers add there have been reports of missing pets in the e Walcotts realized what they witnessed with their own eyes is pretty rare. After an hour of being stalked by the large feline, Bartsch eventually decided that fear was the most prudent response. He just keeps slinking down like he wants to come and attack. While many people would be too frightened to move, Bartsch, who is an avid hunter and wildlife watcher, pulled out his camera to capture the incredible encounter. Ive driven past two, and seen them in zoos but never seen one up close, Charlie ah I think it was pretty cool but scary, added ey say theyll still play in their backyard but theyll be sure to have their German Shepherds close. Attia Walcot says she was just about to eat lunch last month when she saw a cougar prowling around her backyard in broad daylight. He put down his camera and shouted, Go on, get out of here! The outdoorsman's wife, Chantelle Bartsch, told CTV News her husband has a lot of experience dealing with wildlife, which helped him to remain calm. The YouTube video, which has been viewed more than 75,000 times, has generated a lot of positive feedback, but some have questioned Bartsch's response to a potentially dangerous situation. A cougar in a forest north of Campbell River stares intently at Adam Bartsch. Adam Bartsch was setting up trail cameras in the wilderness north of Campbell River when he realized he was being stalked by what he estimates was a roughly 140-lb. Photograph By SHE hunts productions/youtube, you dont know whether to admire the cougars graceful stealth or be terrified. I dont trust is is one dangerous little kitty cat.

    strasbourg cougar campbell river

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    His wife, who is a hunting instructor and also teaches cougar and bear safety courses, said it appears the cat was more curious than hungry. They say this specific cat has likely been desensitized to people and the fact that it was out, probably hunting at 11:45 in the morning elevates the concern. His wife told CTV News she admittedly would not encourage her students to spend any more time than necessary in a wildcat's presence, but said her husband knew what he was doing. When she told her parents who were sitting nearby that she was looking at a cat, they didnt quite clue vittu pano denise masino ass d they said, like the neighbours cat and I said no, a cougar cat Attia Walcott said. The video was posted on the She Hunts Productions YouTube channel which is dedicated to hunting tips, conservation, stewardship, archery, taxidermy, firearms safety, hunting videos, trail cameras footage, hunting training. Bartsch, a hunter and avid outdoorsman, was on the forested walking asiatique sex escort annuaire trail when he noticed the cougar watching him from a distance of about 20 metres. While Bartsch never seems to be deeply scared by the experience, he provides a string of impressions of the encounter which he edited into a five-minute video. Read more from the Vancouver Courier. He might think Im dinner. Outdoorsman who came face-to-face with a cougar last week on Vancouver Island is sharing video of the tense standoff online. "There is a monster, monster tom at 20 metres looking at me he says in the video. And he is huge.". Probably a good chance it was looking for a cat or a small dog or something like nservation officers say they have had other calls about a cougar in the area. "The cougar was showing signs of possibly being with another cougar he was constantly looking to the side she said. But yeah, just watching it walk through the sandbox and past their tree fort was a little unsettling. He was only really concerned when he suspected there might be a second cougar teaming up on him. "Both of us absolutely love wildlife, we respect wildlife.". Her dad began recording it on his cellphone while her mom made sure the dogs were e cat spent about five minutes in the yard, right near the swing set where the kids had just about gone. "It ended up just being one very large tom.". I was just about to eat lunch and I saw a cougar. How cool is that, you hear Bartsch say on the video that he intersperses with dramatic music. Adam Bartsch, who videoed the cougar in a forest north of Campbell River, sometimes felt that the monster, monster tom was sizing him up for dinner. A big cougar was prowling around their Steelhead Road backyard. Just eyeing me up like a black-tailed deer.

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    • A BC Conservation officer had to shoot the animal late Sunday morning at a home on Galerno Road.
    • Conservation officer Steve Petrovcic said the cougar, estimated to be roughly 13 or 14 months old, was showing unusual behaviour.
    • Safety Guide to Vancouver Island.
    • Cougars - About, campbell River, Animal Awareness, Outdoor Activities - Vancouver Island and the.

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    Hard pute rencontre libertine cougar "I've known him for over 18 years and we've been hunting together for that long she said. The cougar then spotted the family looking at it through the window and can be seen on video staring back belle mere coquine erotica vivastreet at them before it finally ah I thought it was neat, you dont get to see that very often, Charlie Walcott said. Campbell River area hosts the best, cougar habitat in the world, also known as Mountain Lions or Puma these; the largest cats in North America are on the top of the food chain. The cougar then spotted the family looking at it through the window and can be seen on video staring back at them before it finally leaves.
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    Porno naturel escort girl bayonne Outdoorsman who came face-to-face with a cougar last week on Vancouver Island is sharing video of the tense standoff strasbourg cougar campbell river online. Seul le format se remanie dannée en année. Elle me dit que le tchatche lui permet de fantasmer et de pimenter sa vie sexuelle. There were 64 small businesses with a total of 1,626 employees and two mid sized businesses with a total of 256 employees. All content and photos are regularly checked and updated with real photos.
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